Make your App Successful

Now a days, App Development specially Mobile App Development is not only become a hot cake in the market, it is helping many of the developer to earn the money in their own way.  But again, before turn your career to a new path and be happy with your app development, which leads you to leave your day job, think deeply. And also follow some thumb rules and plan it.  So before going to the deep, first look on some useful statistics:

  1. Mobile Internet to cross 100 million users in 2012 driven by Smartphone penetration.
  2. More than 50% of the user base are School and college going people.
  3. So here you can check how the internet penetration in India has been changed from last two years and how it is going to be changed:
  4. Now if you seperate the mobile users of this planet it is looking like below:

So if you check the above mentioned statistics, mobile users are increasing drastically. But the most interesting figure is, by 2016, the mobile application business will generate $46 billion in revenue worldwide by  ABI research. So it means a lot to the industry as well as the people who wants to gain money individually from App development.  But a big question is: How can we make it?? That is i am going to clarify here with little description. First, divide the plan in two ways: Business Plan and Technological Plan.   First talk about for business plan:

Business Plan:

  • Build Business, not AppFirst of all, you have to understand that you are building an Business, not an App.  As fast, as you understand this real fact, you will be able to reach the success path in a short period.
  • Build idea, may not be unique: To develop an App, you have require some stunning idea to implement. But don’t think that the idea should be unique. Because there is no idea which is unique. So don’t hesitate and implement it. And try to mix up with more and more useful use cases.
  • Document the idea: Document your idea with all your experience. So that, it will be clear to you while developing the app. So dedicate the time for proper planing and smooth execution.
  • Think about your target audience: If you analyse the above statistics, 37% mobile user is students and 29 % is youths. So build your app looking on their hobbies. It will be easy to categorize the apps in different perspectives: Fashion, Lifestyle, Music or Social life.
  • Add more Smart features : Give your application idea more smarter looks by adding some smart features. Just look on Zomato app in Android. In this app, user can  search the restaurants by shaking just their phone. So this beautiful feature is giving them the opportunity to get more likes.
  • Advertise your upcoming Adds: Advertise your next app by placing House Ads in your current and exiting apps. It will help to reach to the more users.

             Even advertise of your apps can give you more revenue if you execute your business  model in a good way. Take a simple example. Suppose your current app downloaded 500 times in 15 days. If you advertise it properly your next app, it will reach the same number of downloads in 7 days for sure.

  • Listen user feedback:  Listen to your users and and continually test the existing apps. Accept the feedback from your user with open vision and update the app regular basis. Because if you and your app become silent after the release, you will lose more user.
  • Don’t violate user loyalty:  Be loyal to your user all the time. Suppose in your application there is one screen for terms and condition about the app. If the user will agree with those terms and conditions, he will be able to move forward. Now i saw many apps, where the check box is selected before user has to select it. Means you are forcing the user to agree with the terms and conditions. It will really create a bad impression to the user.
  • Go Social : Go social with the apps. Make your app integrated with facebook, twitter or other social platforms. So that it can reach to the more user. For BlackBerry, the apps which are integrated with BBM, is downloaded more 200% than the other apps.
  • Project your approach properly : At last, think about your plan after completing the app. So just think, you want to go with your current app with more more new features and versions or you will do some more apps and publish them in the market. Just think about to big game development brands: Backflip Studio and Rovio. Backflip Studio’s first game Ragdoll Blaster released for iphone. Then they released paper toss which became number 1 free app and downloaded more than 16 million times from market. After that they came with lots of other games and able to monetize their users. . Backflip Studios is now earning more than $100,000 a month with AdMob and mobile advertising is now responsible for approximately 50% of monthly revenues for the company.

But if you think about Rovio, they have only two apps. Angry bird(with different versions) and Amazing Alex. They never think to make  any apps. Because they released different versions of Angry birds for different platforms as well as PCs. Now Rovio’s revenues jump 963% year-on-year to $106.3M in 2011.

So Just stop a while after developing the first app, and think which approach you are going to follow..

Now come to the Technical Plans which will help your app to reach more users.

Technical Plans:  Now come to the Technical Plans which will help your app to reach more users.

  • Make UI smarter and better:  First of all create the application UI more smart and colorful. It does not depends on the platform you are designing the app, whether it is android, iPhone or windows mobile. the stability of apps only depends upon its design, fractures and its UI experience. But it matters, for which purpose you are developing the app: lifestyle, games or business. check the Moodswings  App in iPhone
  • Build app for both orientation :  Whenever making the app, build it for portrait as well as landscape mode. Beside, make it more generic so that it will support maximum devices.
  • Use less permission:  While developing, try to use less permission in your apps. If you build the app with more permissions, user will think multiple times to download it.
  • Integrate help instruction:  Integrate the help pages with the help. It will help to drive the user through out the app easily. This will create a good impression to the user which will help for your next app or next release.
  • Check about the app design:  While building the UI, take care about good design. If you keep the save button in below right and continue button in below left, every time it will mislead the user. Even, try to implement different search patterns like Auto search, sort or auto-complete with nice and sensible touch. So it will help to develop a smooth user experience for your app.

Go with this plans..Make your apps. May be you will be earn some penny out of that $46 billion.  Hope this post will help to build a good and successful app.  Waiting for the comments……….


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